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    Why Serendib?

    Being ready means having the right network and the right all in one source, to make your sales as good as they can possibly be. By having the whole range of our products at your disposal using the Serendib APP or by placing an order anytime.

    Serendib Calling Cards

    Quality + Clarity + Reliably
    Serendib Calling Cards have stood long for many years reason being, we strive and endure to offer you the best calling experience. Despite overcoming the fluctuating international rates & VoIP Quality we try our best to maintaining our standards everytime.

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    The Quest for Innovation

    Improvise + Adopting to current technology
    We at Serendib constantly trying to improvise and adopt to innovative trends to meet the demands of current technology.

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    Grow with Us

    Be apart of Serendib, We make it possible by offering you all the telecom partners together while being the main hub to source all popular Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Sims, the entire variety of Calling cards, Spark Chips Cards and various products just at your finger tips. Through the aid of innovative technology. Learn more here